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project bdp

This is a project to understand and modify Sony Blu-ray BDP firmware. I started looking only at the BDP-S390, but this has branched out to include other players and a variety of goals.

This project has been used in security research by NCC Group researcher Stephen Tomkinson, who identified concerns about the security of blu-ray players.

source code

The source tree for my tools is available here.


Possible reasons for downgrading:

  • Problems playing some audio/video files or discs
  • Re-gain SACD-R support
  • Re-gain support for some file formats

firmware format and extraction

Sony uses an obscure format for firmware updates

firmware-less access

For some MediaTek players, including many Sony and Panasonic, there is a way to run arbitrary code without modified firmware. You can read Matthew Garrett's post here.

These are my instructions for building a shared library to give you access.



Some of these are incomplete, or works in progress.


Downgrading has been successfully tested. That's all I can confirm. Modifying firmware is risky, may violate EULA agreements, and can potentially brick your Blu-Ray player. Please try this at your own risk!

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